How do you choose your heating system?

Whether you are building a new home or renovating an existing one, choosing the right heating system is not always easy. Some systems are expensive to buy, but rather economical in the long run, while others are very affordable at first, but can multiply your bills later. There are certain criteria to consider when choosing a heating system that suits your budget and your need for comfort. This article shows us how to go about it.

Choose your heating system according to the installation

Installation may be necessary depending on the system you choose. This is the case for oil, gas and wood heating. Installing a boiler can represent a certain cost because, apart from the installation, you also need to create a network of pipes. You can request a quote from Expert Gas & Water. Biomass or solar heating systems and heat pumps are made up of high-performance and technically more complex mechanisms. This is why their installation is also very expensive. As for electric heating, it is very inexpensive because its device and installation are simple and does not require any work.

Choosing your heating system according to efficiency and use

Efficiency may vary from one heating system to another. For example, heating with wood, oil or gas will take longer to heat a room, but once heated, the heat will last and be more evenly distributed throughout the day. On the other hand, an electric heater will heat the room more quickly, but once turned off, the heat will dissipate very quickly. Electric heaters are generally easier to use thanks to their different control and programming options. Wood heating, on the other hand, requires more attention to make it efficient.

Choosing your heating system according to storage and aesthetics

Indeed, some systems such as biomass, oil and wood heating require storage space. Gas heating also requires storage space if it is not city gas. Solar, electric, heat pump or town gas systems do not require storage space. Aesthetically, electric devices are the most popular with a choice of designs such as vertical radiators, ceramic radiators or baseboard radiators. However, other systems can also be styled in their own way.
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