Energy retrofitting

Energy retrofitting: what does it consist of?

Over the past few years, many strategies have been designed and implemented to reduce energy consumption for both individuals and professionals. Among these is energy renovation, now accessible to all types of households. But more specifically, what does this strategy…

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Energy renovation: choosing a labeled and certified craftsman

In recent years, all property owners have been strongly sensitized by the state authority to review the state of their homes and undertake energy renovation. But sometimes, it is difficult to carry out such a project; especially if one has…

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The new generation of electric radiators

Your radiators are now obsolete, and you are looking for the best solution to replace them? First of all, it is the environment and your lifestyle that will determine the solution that best suits your needs. Generally speaking, we consider…

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What are the steps to carry out energy renovation work?

Do you need advice on how to save energy in your home? If so, you have certainly heard about energy-efficient work. They consist of restricting the energy consumption of homes and households. To carry out these types of works, you…

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Fields of intervention of the Insulation Companies

In industry, uninsulated heating and water pipes can cause heat losses that amount to thousands of euros lost annually. Devices have been provided to help you insulate them free of charge. What is insulation? It is a method of insulating…

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Where to install a photovoltaic solar kit?

In order to achieve maximum efficiency, a solar panel must capture as much solar energy as possible during the day. Choosing its location is the key to avoiding energy efficiency losses. To decide on the optimal location for your solar…

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