How to choose an electrician?

Specialized in electrical work, the electrician can intervene in both new construction and renovation of houses. As electrical work is not a matter for neophytes, it is recommended to entrust it to professionals. Mastering all the standards governing the field of electricity, they will be able to guarantee efficient and safe interventions.

When should you use the services of an electrician?

Various situations can lead you to contact an electrician: installation of the electrical network, a light bulb that weakens, a switch that no longer works, a blown fuse, a hot plug, etc. Even the most insignificant inconvenience can have a considerable impact on your electrical installations, and therefore deserves to be taken seriously. Moreover, if you live in an old house, your electrical installation may not be up to standard. However, whether you are trying to solve a power outage or bring your installation up to standard, the risk of danger is always high. For this reason, legislation advises you against venturing into this area if you do not have the skills and qualifications required to carry out this work. Furthermore, since all electricity consumption has a direct effect on the bill, you must also avoid wasting electricity. By hiring a professional electrician, you'll get better advice and tips on how to effectively reduce your electricity consumption. You can also call on an electrician to carry out home automation installations, whether in the field of lighting, shutter automation, heating and air-conditioning, security or communication. So whatever your needs, do not hesitate to contact an electrician. Your electrician will be able to detect the source of the malfunction and provide you with all the solutions to your problems.

What are the criteria for choosing a good electrician?

The first thing to do when you are looking for an electrician is to determine the reason why you are calling on his services: complete electrical installation, upgrading to standards, intervention on low current, various electrical repairs, etc... It is then that you can carry out your research and choose a service provider among those working in your area. Once you have made your choice, you must check his level of expertise, his professional references and his professional qualification diploma before hiring him. These precautions are essential, as not everyone can carry out electrical work. You can also ask if they are listed in the R├ępertoire des m├ętiers, or if they are a member of any organization. Don't forget to find out about the company they work for to give you an idea of the quality of their work, but also of their seriousness. To do this, you can, for example, try to find information about the company's turnover and date of creation. After this step, you can ask your electrician for a guarantee that the work will be carried out within the agreed deadline. Guarantee and insurance deposits must also be taken out by your electrician in order to guarantee the perfect completion and durability of the work carried out (two-year guarantee, ten-year guarantee, damage to work, etc.).

Where to find the best electrician?

To find the ideal service provider, you can do some research online. It only takes a few clicks to obtain a list of the craftsmen working in your area. You can also ask your acquaintance for information. If you've just moved to the city, don't hesitate to take advantage of your neighbours' experience. They will be able to advise you on one of the artisans they may have used. In any case, be sure to take into account the various criteria already listed. In any case, during your research, you must study the budget allocated to your electrical work based on the proposed estimates. This will allow you to make a comparison that will enable you to identify the service provider that best meets your requirements and whose offers best meet your expectations. So put them in competition, and above all, remember to take advantage of this competition to obtain the maximum amount of relevant information on each of the pre-selected electricians.
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