Installing a radiator: the right location for the right energy savings!

The usefulness of a radiator is more than imminent; especially as we enter the winter season. And despite the fact that it can regulate the temperature in a home by spreading heat, some people find that it can take a long time to heat up the interior, which has a palpable impact on energy consumption. But did you know that location plays an important role in heating a home? Placed in the right place, a heater does its job at a fast pace while reducing energy consumption. So where to put it?

According to temperature variations

In a dwelling, the temperature is not always the same. Even when it is generally cold, other places are even colder, such as around a window, the wall facing an opening, or the side of a terrace or verandah. The temperature there does not stagnate but even changes constantly. Therefore, it would be ideal to install a radiator close to them so that the unit can easily regulate the frequent changes in temperature and heat the entire dwelling without complication. But also, the heating will spend less with such a location because it will not need to repeat the same operation every time a cold wind devastates the room.

Sufficient space

For a more economical way of heating, it is important to know that a radiator needs free space to operate better. Otherwise, it is of no use whether it is placed behind a piece of furniture or in a closed compartment. Again, no heating will be obtained if the heater is placed between two objects of a large enough size, such as a sofa and a cupboard for example. This means that the appliance will try in vain and with all its might to heat the dwelling, while no efficiency will be achieved. It's only the bill that will be very hot.

A good distance from the floor

Indeed, there are different types of radiators, which must be taken into account before installing them. But whichever type you choose, it is imperative that it is located at a distance of between 10 and 15 cm from your parquet floor.  This is a condition that should not be taken lightly when installing heating, because in this way, the radiator will easily spread the heat throughout the room. A heater that is placed too high will take a long time before the whole house feels comfortable.
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