Insulating facades and roofs: hire a specialist

A poorly insulated house has to over-consuming energy to be able to benefit from minimum thermal comfort. What is the advantage of roof and facade insulation? How can you insulate these parts of your house? Who can you call on for well done insulation work?

Why insulate the façade and roof?

Several companies have specialised in thermal insulation work. It is important to know that these are obligatory during façade and roof renovation work. They must also be carried out in compliance with thermal regulations. But the obligation should not be the only reason to insulate your façade and roof. Indeed, a large part of the heat contained in your house escapes through the roof and the walls :
  • about 30% through the roof,
  • 25% through the walls.
Thermal insulation work will therefore allow you to save energy by making less demands on your heating system. In addition to the reduction in your electricity bill, you will also benefit from other advantages:
  • Better thermal comfort, both in summer and in winter
  • Better acoustic comfort.
  • Respect for the environment by reducing your energy needs.
  • Increase in the value of your property. This will allow you to achieve a beautifulcapital gain in case you sell your house.

How to carry out the thermal insulation of a house?

To insulate the roof and the facade, it is possible to insulate from the inside or from the outside. If you need to insulate an old house and you want to preserve the aesthetics of its facade, you can opt for insulation from the inside. This means that the renovation work will only consist of cleaning and renovating the façade. Although insulation from the inside is cheaper, it has one major disadvantage: it takes up a little of your living space. By greatly reducing energy loss, insulation from the outside provides better thermal performance. You can take advantage of the renovation of your roof to insulate your roof and thus reduce the amount of expenses.

Who should you entrust the insulation of your facade and roof?

Thermal insulation work must comply with the standards imposed by the thermal regulations in force. They must therefore be carried out by specialists in this field. The company you choose to insulate your roof and façade must meet several criteria such as :

Having several years of experience

To be holder of the "Recognized Environmental Guarantor" (RGE) and Qualibat certifications.

Have a team of competent and serious professionals

The company must be able to accompany you during the project. It can advise you on the choice of materials to be used according to your budget and your needs. By going through RGE certified professionals, you also have the possibility of claiming the various aids for insulation work.
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