Which craftsman to choose for attic insulation at 1€?

When it comes to insulation work for a home, the priority is usually attic insulation. Regardless of the type of work you wish to do, when you choose a craftsman, he must have a specific certification. The craftsman you choose must have the mention Recognized Environmental Guarantor or RGE. With this mention, you can be sure that the craftsman with whom you work has been trained in energy renovation standards, has passed the exam and offers guarantees, both in terms of insurance (especially ten-year insurance) and competence. It is important to know that, for the energy transition, if you wish to benefit from the tax credit, it is mandatory that you choose a RGE craftsman.

The choice of a craftsman for attic insulation at 1€.

Above all, you have to be very careful with insulation companies. As we all know, when help is created, and when there is profit to be made, all the "loulous" come like flies (as those who have experienced the great era of photovoltaics can testify). This means that a large number of companies are created, just for the occasion, with not very competent staff. Therefore, when you think, I'm insulating my attic at 1€, don't lose the good old habits: asking for quotes (the price is normally the same on this point, that said, the other criteria, such as thickness, need to be checked); comparing several companies; looking for opinions; knowing the history; etc. As with all jobs, price should not be the only comparison engine, so you will work with the most competent companies. The chosen company must obviously be RGE. In order to choose the RGE craftsman near you, you can also consult a specialized directory.

Why is there a program for the attic?

I insulate my attic at 1€, it is often said that, when you want to reduce your energy bill in a sustainable way. This is why the 1€ attic insulation programme was designed. The roof of a dwelling is the first place of heat loss. When you insulate your attic, you can be sure that you will really save energy, while improving your comfort in an optimal way. When you choose a trusted, RGE-certified craftsman: you benefit from savings of up to 30% on your heating bill; the insulation used is an ecological, durable and healthy solution; your acoustic and thermal comfort is assured; the products that the professional uses are CE or ACERMI certified; etc.

Attic insulation at 1€, with an RGE craftsman

By taking advantage of the 1€ insulation program, J'isole mes combles à 1€, working with an RGE-certified craftsman, selected for his professional expertise and qualifications. RGE certified craftsmen, use, in principle, a modern method, which is, efficient and fast, allowing, thus, a homogeneous coverage of the part to be insulated and sustainable energy savings. A particularly effective technique for attics, allowing, to limit heat losses in your house and to obtain in a fast way, a quality insulation.
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