Energy renovation: choosing a labeled and certified craftsman

In recent years, all property owners have been strongly sensitized by the state authority to review the state of their homes and undertake energy renovation. But sometimes, it is difficult to carry out such a project; especially if one has no notion of the subject. There is a high risk of running into professionals in bad faith, or even of receiving results other than what was expected. Therefore, it is essential to choose the right person to collaborate with and to call upon a certified and labelled craftsman.

What is a certified and labelled craftsman?

Many professionals are active on the market by proposing offers of energy renovations. But there are also many customers who have been disappointed more than once in terms of construction. This is why it is important to opt for a professional with the RGE (Recognised Environmental Guarantor) label when choosing a craftsman for your energy renovation. A craftsman is qualified as such when he has received approval from a commission founded by the public authority and other national bodies working to promote ecology, such as ADEME. However, it should be noted that such certification is not given to every potential applicant. There are conditions to be met, namely the completion of training in renewable energy, the taking out of insurance relating to building construction and the existence of a regular audit visit.

How to find a good craftsman?

Finding a certified craftsman can only be easy. As this is a rapidly developing concept, there are more than 7,500 craftsmen in possession of an RGE certificate. This already offers you a very wide choice. But if this is really the first time that you are going to choose a craftsman for your energy renovation, it is still advisable to make a comparison between different providers or to turn to an acquaintance who has already carried out similar projects. Also, it is possible to draw up an estimate with some of them, in order to define the one that suits us best.

The advantages of working with a certified and labelled craftsman

Why choose a craftsman for its energy renovation? Quite simply to have more guarantee in the realization of the renovation. These professionals are, indeed, subject to obligations that provide certain advantages to their customers, such as the subscription to a ten-year and work damage insurance. This offers a certain security to customers. Above all, it is easier to obtain aid allocated to energy renovation, such as the CITE or the Eco-PTZ, when you hire a certified craftsman.
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