What is home automation?

We are all aware that technology is a field that never sleeps. It continues to evolve at a surprising speed; and the world of real estate is not left inert to it. Not only are electrical appliances becoming more and more efficient; they can also be automated. And yes, a new concept is now within the reach of all high-tech enthusiasts and all supporters for more comfort and serenity; this is called home automation. But what does it consist of more precisely?

What is home automation?

The term domotics is of Latin origin, born from the assembly of computers and the home. Otherwise, it is the service of computers for the benefit of a home or a building. Computerizing a house is not new. Indeed, it is already hundreds of years since the first household appliances appeared. But with home automation, it goes even further than that. It is a question of automating all electrical functions in a house; so that all the appliances concerned can be programmed remotely. Thus, comfort and ease are the primary objectives of this concept.

How does it work?

Nothing difficult, home automation consists of networking all the electrical appliances in a house via a wifi connection or radio waves. Afterwards, all you have to do is centralize them on the same cockpit, such as a computer, a tablet, or even a simple smartphone; and it is via an application that all these machines will be programmed. Thus, a simple click will be enough for all your devices to switch off or go into standby mode. But with the current evolution, it is also possible to dispense with this control entirely by relying on sensors. This means that the devices will operate according to a change in the situation detected by them. For example, the shutters close automatically when the sensor identifies a risk of rain.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of this system?

Inviting home automation into your home offers many advantages, of which the energy saving is the most palpable. Thanks to automation, no more energy is wasted. Also, such a concept makes life much easier for the occupants. You don't have to check whether a particular appliance is switched off before you go out; you don't have to turn on the heating when you need it and you don't have to run around in case of rain.
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