Online Guide to Ventilation Systems

The ventilation system of an industrial company provides optimum safety, protects the health of the personnel and is efficient in the face of various production procedures. In certain professional sectors, this is a legal obligation. Knowing the specificities of the most efficient devices allows to choose the most appropriate one for the needs of the company.

What is the role of fans in ventilation systems?

Fans are the keystone of ventilation systems. They allow employees to work in a healthier atmosphere because they are free of pollution, smoke and odours. They also produce multiple ecological benefits by lowering thermal and hygrometric levels. For maximum efficiency, it is essential that the air circulation speed is sufficient to collect pollutants at the base, catch them via the hood, convey them through the ducts and air purifiers to expel them to the outside. Manufacturers can choose between two main ventilation systems: the propeller fan and the centrifugal fan.

The Helical Fan

Among these industrial fans, three sub-domains stand out: - The propeller fan - The "axial tube" fan - The valve-axial fan With this fan, a movement is created so that the air enters and exits according to the axis of rotation allowing to have very high flows but bringing only low pressures. It is not suitable for local ventilation because its suction is not powerful enough to pump the air. The propeller fan is suitable for very short circuits or for installation in walls or partitions for general ventilation of the building. The ventilation motor can be asynchronous (three-phase or single-phase) or direct current. In case of failure, it can be replaced. The "tube-axial" and "valve-axial" fans are mainly designed to be incorporated in a duct system.

The centrifugal fan

The centrifugal fan uses the centrifugal force produced by a rotating disc via blades at right angles to impart a flow of air or gas and thus intensify the pressure. The fan motor is electric and can be three-phase or single-phase. The equipment of the rotating shaft, disc and blades is called a fan wheel and includes various elements designed to reduce the air resistance to a minimum. This impeller is commonly installed in a curved enclosure. The air or gas contained in centrifugal fans is ejected out of the impeller to an outlet port that is wider than the casing. This process also draws more air or gas into the impeller.  
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