Purchase of electrical equipment: take advantage of a wide choice of electrical cabinet enclosures

The electrical cabinet enclosure is a structure used for the protection of electrical cabinets in buildings. It ensures optimal protection of electrical distribution equipment and also protects the people using the electrical cabinets. Like all electrical equipment, the choice of the enclosure must be made carefully, as it is the most exposed to foreign bodies and various external aggressions. In order to choose the best model, you must therefore give priority to certain criteria.

The envelope standard

If you want to protect your electrical box or cabinet more effectively, choose a product that meets safety standards. The best known standard in terms of electricity is indeed the NF standard. This certifies the authenticity of the product, but also the guarantee of the safety it offers. The envelope of an electrical cabinet can generally be distinguished from other envelopes thanks to codes. These codes are in principle contained in the NF or CE standard of each product. They can be IP codes and IK codes. The IP code protects the installation against the various penetrations of foreign bodies in the cabinet. This code is also intended for lower equipment that can withstand voltages of at least 72.5V. As for the IK code, it defines the level of protection of the enclosure against the various mechanical impacts that may occur on its faces. It all depends on your environment and the protection you are looking for. However, you must call upon a professional for its installation so that it can be done within the standards.

The size of your envelope

The size of your electrical cabinet envelope has a major influence on optimizing the safety of your electrical equipment and the distribution of your power throughout your home. The ideal is to find an electrical enclosure that can protect an entire electrical cabinet and where the equipment in it is not too tightly packed together. This will help professionals to better detect the appearance of anomalies and avoid serious problems such as short circuits. It is therefore preferable to choose a large electrical cabinet enclosure for this purpose. However, its size must be well chosen according to its location as well as your needs and the size of your cabinet.

The material of your enclosure

For cabinets to last and for its components to efficiently distribute electricity throughout a house or building, its envelope must be better. The choice of enclosure material plays a key role in this respect. You can then choose the material according to its location. If your cabinet is placed in a building site area or in an industrial area where chemicals are released into the air, you should choose stainless materials such as steel and metal. You should also opt for a waterproof material. You can also find envelopes in polyester or plastic.
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