How to choose a good electric radiator?

For an assured well-being, humans need a minimum temperature. And while this is not a problem in summer or on sunny days, it is not the same in winter, when the temperature even drops below 0 degrees. Thus, we are forced to resort to the radiator; which is an electrical device dedicated to spreading heat inside a house. And since the concept has been promoted, a multitude of related offers have been appearing on the market. This does not make it easier for consumers to choose. So, in order to save you a waste of time, the following criteria and steps to consider in order to find the best one.

Define your needs

As with the purchase of anything else, it is essential to define your needs. What is certain is that anyone looking for a radiator will want to heat their home, so the question that should be asked is how much heat, for how long and for what space? The answers to these questions will help the applicant to make a better choice of electric radiator. In reality, a radiator to be installed will not be the same for a customer who already has enough thermal insulation and another whose home insulation is anything but good. Again, the type of radiator will also depend on the frequency of use and the surface to be heated.

Calculating energy consumption

Heating is considered to be a formidable energy consumer, especially the older models or the convector type. The latter is quite affordable if you focus on the price. On the other hand, it consumes a lot of energy. This means that it is better to opt for recent models if you want to save energy. The radiant panel, for example, is more economical with its rapid heating. But still, the inertia radiator could be your best electric heater, if you want to optimize comfort at a low price.

Taking into account the space to be heated

In order to choose the right electric heater, it is essential to determine the extent and depth of the space to be heated. Do you want to spread the heat in a single room, a large room or the whole house? If it is the last option you are looking for, the inertia radiator would be the most suitable with optimal heat. However, for a direct bodily effect, the radiant radiator is perfect. Not forgetting that the one in convector mode is ideal for heating via air.
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